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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2013

Back Here Again

More of Resort 2014 trickled in with most from the US side of fashion.  At least that would be the assumption if one wasn’t told about the origins of the labels when looking at the design elements that were more predominant. The bulk of collections in the US last year took inspiration...

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It seemed a bit early for 2014 resort collections to appear and yet some from the bigger players in fashion were the first out of the gates to capture our attention and give us markers to compare with. And there was a lot to look at as some were quite sizeable. If the devil is in the details ...

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The fashion collections designers have released in recent seasons have rightly indicated a sentiment that has been building for a while as we forge our path of uncertainty into the 21st century: there are more who long for the past than the future. Part of this is fear of our own making. Our te...

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Fashion looks towards fitting ourselves and our lives. It is an industry that balances meticulous thought to creativity balanced with implied stale-dating; unless it’s designed to be an ultra-conservative classic fashion is meant to eventually make way for its next incarnation. This is achi...

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