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The Long And The Short Of It

A  s of now fashion has formally entered into the Pre-Fall 2017 season. As usual, it begins with a trickle, so there is not enough information as of yet to see where fashion is fully heading. But that never stopped this blog.

Early indicators show the continued late 80s creative streak  where proportion play and 60s youth culture are featured. The energy of youth-as-king continues as society remains focused on shaping markets towards Millennials and Gen Z, while the 80s youth aspect takes this and adds the similar political climates covered in the last article. This was prominent in Diesel Black Gold's streetwise collection. Meanwhile, roomy comforting proportion and volume play is also maintained, albeit in more simplistic execution that late 80s early steered towards. The economic aspects of that reference matches the uncertainty juxtaposed with current extreme excess our entertainment media focuses on and this reference find similarities as per the collection by ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo.

In both, the forgoing of body con construction markers gives a nod to more androgenous shapeless cuts where gender becomes a shared balance. The waistless fits of the 20s and 60s appeared at times when women aimed for and got more rights to be on par with their male counterparts. With equality a heavy focus these days, the return of neutrality via fit is well-timed.

​Whether all designers share this sentiment will be confirmed as more pre-fall collections come about. World events certainly have given a lot to draw from, as do current emotional states  which influence the public's preferences. Anything is possible now.

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