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Blog posts December 2013


Work/life balance should be taken quite seriously, especially around the holidays. I hope you can understand the adherence to this value as I advise normal programming will resume next week. In the mean time, if you are looking for something to read, you may like the contribution I mad...

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Pre-fall is the bridge between summer and fall collections. It is the anti-resort; a place to insert fresh wearable staples into the stores while allowing a modest insertion of new style hints. All collections involve nudging the consumer into a new style direction and pre-fall has the potential ...

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Freely Moving

There is a limit as to how long one can keep up defenses before succumbing to release. The constant energy expended can wear on an individual and eventually one either copes and accepts the environmental circumstances or withdraws; it's human nature when facing circumstances beyond control. Fash...

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Just Enough

The roll-out of 2014 Pre-fall collections are starting to gain steam as the holidays emerge. If you are hoping for groundbreaking designs so far, you may have to dial down your expectations to a degree, if only because the clothes designed are for living with the bottom line in mind. On the who...

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Mall Chicks To Gun Molls

For the moment it is a trickle, but like the first leaves turning colours, the 2014 Pre-fall collections are starting to emerge. Like the resort, collections, these are the bridge between the main seasons, created not only to capitalize on providing clothes to the market in advance of the regular...

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