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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts January 2013

What Our Beacons Reveal

The excitement in the media this week stemmed from the recent Haute Couture collections. While most followed conventional expectations, two in particular proved to stand out in directions with similar benefit yet in very different approaches. One collection was known for the use of technology tha...

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Same Ol' Tulle Story

There are more pre-fall collections from the heavy-hitters, but as their collections are focusing on minimalism, the comments for them are spare as well. Architectural, minimal, stiff textiles and sheer in places. Hence, we move to looking at the SS 2013 couture shows which are coming out now to...

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Room For Exaggeration

If anyone were to look back at our early 21st century fashion inspiration, it would be clear that we have a firm eye on the past. Indeed, we seem to mine it in a manner similar to those who repeat habits and revisit personal scenarios in an subconscious attempt to reconcile with one’s past ...

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Just as in the 90s, the economy is starting to affect design houses that have to clamp down. For some, this means bowing out of doing runways shows, such as recently announced by Cacharel and earlier by Givenchy. Those shows, integral to the marketing aspect of the business, are expensive to prod...

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