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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts September 2012

Whatever Makes You Feel Good

Paris is the last stop on the trek known as Fashion Week. It is the last point of contact, the zenith of fashion’s expression of what is to come for the season it portrays. After October 3rd there will be time to re-examine the slow pace in which fashion is evolving. It is a slower pace ...

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Exactly How You Want It

The predictable listing of trend items observed will come. This blog thrives on dealing with them, examining the aspects to find social context and continuity based on precedent. Chief among the observations was the frustration observed within the fashion pages of the New York Times, as fashio...

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A Play Of Strengths

That is a lot of fashion to look though, and there is still more to go. New York is done and London is in full throttle. Contrariness seems to be the order of the day in presentations. Some designers look for more sellable romantic and softer looks while others are going for the harder edge, r...

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The Living Is Easy

The SS2012 collections are in full swing now, with New York certainly continuing to look upon the 90s for details, more wistful memories of when things weren’t as complicated and fashion was rebounding.  String detail (10 Crosby Derek Lam) , wet looks (Derek Lam, Helmut Lang, Tibi), se...

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Far Far Away

So close to the beginning of New York Fashion Week (and really the start of Fashion Month when looking at the cumulative calendars of the Big Four) and murmurs of guesswork is abuzz while some of those within the industry may wonder which contemporary events become inspiration. The recent extra...

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