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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts July 2011

Sobering Thoughts

The articles detailing the influence the late Amy Winehouse made through her music and image have been well-substantiated since her untimely passing. She influenced Chanel, helped add profile to labels Preen and Arrogant Cat, and collaborated with Fred Perry. She impacted editorial the...

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Recycle this!

Fashion is not typically an industry with a history of being eco-consciousness. In fact, you don’t have to look far at the amount of articles detailing how much damage the industry imposes on the environment. It’s a shame as the results aim for creativity and beauty. However, the lar...

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If we were to transport someone from fifty years ago to our time period, they would be amazed at the level of technological progress that we now take for granted and shocked at the state of the world when trying to explain our ecological conundrums. One thing they would notice would be the tradi...

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Details, details…

When looking at timelines from an economic stance, the pattern on which such decadence exists speaks volumes of how people react to a financial crisis. While most people recall only a handful of recessionary events, history reveals that the incidences of recessions are more frequent than recall...

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The pace depends on what goes on around the world, and partially depends on who is buying what. That is the final democratic component that takes precedence from time to time. This also happens more often when the economy is strained and the populace has to make practical choices over fantasy. ...

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