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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Something Beneath

M uch of what fashion has showed in Fall Winter 2020 has been written about in earlier articles. This blog would be amiss if we didn't talk about what we think is coming.

Now, the "good" news. As we approach eight billion people, there will always be people who shop. There will always be subcultures who push the limit, offering inspiration as they use their artist's minds to reinterpret what we see into creative expressions of what is coming. There will always be fledglings in and out of the educational incubators of the world with a voice and a point of view. And among the design community we still crave something to take us forward. It may be subtle, it may be harder to come by, but innovation marches on. The layering and architecture seem to be taking a more languid tone. It's like we are relaxing into our fate, yet the relaxed tiers, overlaps or effects similar, such as from designers Angus Tsui (here), Chanel (here), Farhad Re (here), Ji Won Choi (here), Stella McCartney (here), Thebe Magugu (here) and even budding creatives like Paulo Fernandes (here) or the layered shingling, such as in academic work from Danielle Feheley (here) and Megan Syme (here) suggest that we have more than what's on the surface if we are curious enough to maybe lift and see. It may be blending in to our natural state, but it's not invisible. There's room for conversation is we take a peek underneath.

And for all that is going on, for all the obvious, we know there's more to what is before us (speaking of the world at large). There are richer stories, deeper truths, and more to dig for, to lift under, to explore. It's not much to report, but it's all we got for now. Well, it's something, anyway...after doing a little lifting.

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