Fashion Observed

Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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D ear readers,

As of Monday, this blog officially migrates to it's new home: (you can find the link in the heading; clicking it will bring you to the new site).

You will find the blog along with images, external articles and a whole slew of activity. You can subscribe on the new site for fresh articles and such.

For now, this remains as a form of archive and record of all previous activity regarding the Fashion Observed blog until the rest can be moved over. After all, it's been around since 2011.

Also, many apologies in advance if you decide to cruise through these archives. They closed the old blog and, in migrating all content formatting was lost, hyperlinks to other articles with the blog were rendered invalid and weird occasional typos cropped up. It may be a while before this archive is cleaned up so please be patient. IN the mean time, lots to see in the new website.

Thank you and see you there.



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