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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts June 2020

T he world has changed plenty since the pandemic and the economic disruption that accompanied it arrived. We know that it's far from over and yet history also has shown that it will eventually pass. When that happens, people will repeat history. They have so far; look at the resistance to protec...

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W ould you believe that this article was going to be originally titled "Black lives Matter, Inc." ? Before making any snap judgements, there's a few valid reasons for playing with fire to make a point. For the longest time, we thought that we were among many who felt these issues, first confront...

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Something Beneath

M uch of what fashion has showed in Fall Winter 2020 has been written about in earlier articles. This blog would be amiss if we didn't talk about what we think is coming. Now, the "good" news. As we approach eight billion people, there will always be people who shop. There will always be subcult...

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Digital Diversion

O ne of the newest conundrums that have occurred from the Covid 19 pandemic is the acceleration of change in fashion. Not just in retail and collection creation, but the calendar and the presentation of fashion itself. No more can we have the traditional runway show for now at least, lest we set...

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A h, yes, the economy. There is no escaping the ramification of this sudden global upheaval. This blog has, along with many within the various financial sectors, anticipated a grave downturn but you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who could have predicted the reach, scope and suddenness of such...

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I hope this finds you well. I know. This whole upheaval has gripped many in fear and uncertainty. You must remember that we have been down these roads before and that we have knowledge and history on our side to inform us on what to do. Plus, we have the most incredible collaborative tool that b...

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