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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts February 2020

T he world is in a fascinating place in a time period like no other. Unlike previous generations, we have a level of technology to document with great detail a major shift in our global culture, with the cumulative effects of social advancement along with its failures and consequences piling up....

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Modular Magic

N ow that fashion is more on board with measures to reduce consumption as well as the carbon footprint, the challenge then becomes one of how to attract the public to invest in a garment that does more than merely become a versatile staple. After all, fashion is inundated with those already, and...

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T he fashion industry is facing a climate change of its own, as it were. Gone is the rigid season adherence, although many labels still show their respective collections within the same calendar frame. Some labels are blurring lines by releasing fall winter and prefall into the fashion mediasphe...

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I f you have ever watched 20th century film or television programming, it's fascinating to see what is valued and appreciated versus what is upheld as normal. This is not just with behaviour, but also with what is accepted as a standard of life, such as the material aspects and their interaction...

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A pologies are in order for making you, the loyal follower and dear reader, wait this long. You will hear many laments of the shift happening in fashion regarding convention, the fashion calendar and structure. If it helps any, this blog has to adapt as well. Whereas the former plan was to post ...

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