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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts December 2020

What Are We Toasting To?

B efore we begin, please note that the next round of articles will arrive after Fall Winter 2021 winds down. Also, if you're looking for articles on modular fashion, covid fashion or part one of the two part series on what we can do to survive and thrive in the midst of this upheaval, check the ...

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VR's Second Chance

W e have grown a lot while navigating through the Covid 19 pandemic and so has the fashion industry. The lockdowns have forced companies to rethink their approaches, their manners of production and even what kind of garments they create. Designers and their teams have had to learn new ways of wo...

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Artificial Influencer

T echnology is the big buzz these days. Strategic management company McKinsey & Co. itself found that our adoption towards digital was huge. It was expected to take us years to switch over to a more digitally-focused landscape and, instead, it took us months to become more digitally aligned....

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Aesthetic Armour

T hose who have read this blog know that our moods inform our fashion collections, with ample evidence upholding the observation. As fashion gets its juice from art and art is the language that finds expression where words fail us, it's a given. Yes, fashion has a fickle quality and it is a prod...

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Rerun Recap

H ow nice to see you all again. This blog did let you know that the changes in the fashion calendar meant that the dissemination of blog articles would be affected while on hiatus mode, and your patience is now rewarded. First, a general recap on fashion. In the past, this blog has brought atten...

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