Fashion Observed

Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts September 2019

Nothing To Hide

T o be seen as we are, not as we appear...this seems to be a subtle undercurrent of a lament of modern times. We have grown exhausted from the games that the past political scenarios have unleashed, and as we unwind the deception from various channels of our lives, we find the underlying self is...

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Made To Be Measured

I t takes a very astute artist to work with the nuances of something such as material placement. Those unfamiliar with Japanese calligraphy might see a beautiful arrangement of strokes and sweeps to fill the page, but those who are more intimately knowledgeable with the art actually understand w...

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Stoically Languid

W hen one is young, fashion holds promise. Before the internet....oh, let's say anything up to the had to go through and keep a personal archive of a lot of publications. But fashion was also simpler, and there were fewer trend themes to keep track of, and fewer designers to refer to. ...

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