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Blog posts August 2017

Natural Flow

The upcoming season we are awaiting is Spring Summer 2018. The last collection regarding this season, outside of recent reveals from Copenhagen that were discussed in last week's article, came out in mid-July. Since then, we have had to wait for the formal season to start in but a few weeks (Sep...

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Delineate and Define

The next, or rather the upcoming season that fashion will focus on is Spring Summer 2018. Already, since June, there have been some collections released which is a departure from normal calendar traditions. We will come to those in another article. For now, as promised before, we are speaking ab...

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Fashion is already jumping on the first Spring Summer 2018 collections, offering recognition of Copenhagen Fashion Week as worthy of global attentions. This blog will, of course, look at what is coming out of that array of design reveals...but not today. Instead we continue covering last week's ...

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All the fashion shows have come to pass, and this month is the lull before the next onslaught of imagery and inspiration that locks down every person connected to fashion for the month as Spring Summer 2018 is shown. Resort offered hints of where fashion wants to go and these primary these have ...

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