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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2017

Beyond Team Spirit

T  he steady streaming of collections for 2018 Resort have yet to fully pour forth, but more are coming in and are giving an interesting perspective on the bridge between the familiar and innovation. This blog has long predicted the gradual shift as we approach the 2020s, where our full...

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Something Personal

A  few more collections for 2018 Resort have surfaced, and here is where we see multiple themes coming up. These are noted and watched to see whether ideas are unique and fleeting or representational of something that will grow to represent a larger point of view. Some concept...

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Exploring The Depths

S  lowly the 2018 Resort collections come forth with the big players coming forward. For those newer to observing the collection process, it starts with a trickle. Then, the other houses all show, so a flood of collections come forth to examine. This goes on for a few weeks as we f...

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Gres Is The Word

W  hile we wait for the next round of collections to appear and the fashion world is busy at the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan celebrating Rei Kawakubo, designer of the rule-breaking label Comme des Garcons at the museum's annual Met Gala, now is the ideal time to further speculate o...

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