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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts January 2017

Too Haute To Handle

The Newest Chaos

T  o say that fashion is busy these days is an understatement. Not only is this a reference to the showing of Pre-Fall 2017 season that is still happening while the Fall Winter 2017 collections for men (which have shown some womens' looks within these collection...

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Sizing Up Our State

N  ow that the holidays are past and a new year is upon us, the Pre-Fall 2017 season collections come back to emphasize current retro-obsessed themes while others give in to experimentation of elements in the unsurpressable urge to grow forward.  Scale and proportion are one of the...

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Where It Stops Nobody Knows

T  he Pre-Fall 2017 season collections seem to be winding down, although it could just be that the holidays took wind out of momentums' sails. Volume and freeform styling were one of the predominant takeaways that mingled with the femininity abounding, bringing to mind a devil...

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Future Form And Function

H  appy New Year, dear readers. There is so much to look forward to for 2017: VR, AR, AI, the technical explosion in textiles as smart tech moves textiles coupled with improvements in battery storage length meet designer challenges to take the tech and find its place in...

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