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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts January 2016

Spelling Out Inclusion

Slowly the 2016 Pre-fall collections stop coming while  fashion keeps itself busy reporting the Fall Winter 2016/17 men's wear collections. As it does, the slowing pace allows for closer examination of lesser points that float amidst the grand messages that will become the essentia...

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Measured Cacophany

As 2016 Pre-fall collections run against Fall Winter 2016/17 men's wear, this blog focuses on what is traditionally the leader of the trend curve. Menswear has been aiming to push boundaries in the face of increasing gender blurring that is fashions repeat experiment that we last s...

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Circling The Wagons

Here we are, covering 2016 Pre-fall collections and already Fall Winter 2016/17 (albeit men's wear) is rolling in. Feel for editors and design teams; the pace is relentless now. It's wild and untamed as is the lawlessness and senseless violence that permeates news broadcasts all o...

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Happy new year to you! We continue to interrupt the normal flow of covering 2016 Pre-fall collections to talk more about the future. But don't worry...there is more 2016 pre-fall to talk about next week. As mentioned in last week's post, cinema is anticipated to be a continued inf...

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