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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts August 2015

Stealth Wealth Strategy

N obody is immune to the events that effect us on a global scale, especially when economics are the central focus. The recent jolt that impacted international markets have sent chills resulting in immediate speculation through various media channels beyond industry concerns, some of which are ce...

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Destination Androgyny

I n fashion right now, we are seeing the pendulum swing again towards the embrace of sexuality's spectrum. With Caitlin Jenner the new reality darling to the stylings of menswear collections taking on a more creative and feminine approach and lines such as You Do You coming into our fold, f...

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Latin ReFever

F ashion gets its cues from multiple sources now. Our technology illustrates this as tracking algorithms become not only more sophisticated but also more commonplace. Among the many influences this blog past mentioned included the influence of Cuba's normalization of relations with the...

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Hot Stuff

T his blog enjoys sharing observations regarding how the world becomes translated into something as seemingly innocuous as a garment. The influences are numerous largely due to the volume of information we now have a our disposal, a fact repeatedly shared in articles from time to time ...

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Seamlessly Yours

T he textile revolution continues to shape our 21st century direction. Along with new innovations with nanotechnology are new compounds via intricate examination of molecular properties that were, before now, impossible. But with the increased power that our computers hold, we can find solutions...

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