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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts July 2015

I nnovation is always at the heart of modern fashion's evolution. The creation of new materials and techniques acts as societal benchmarks that advertise where we stand in relation to broader advancements that shape the direction our society is heading. The embrace of man-made textiles...

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Beautiful Regression

A midst the variety of creativity the 2015 Fall Winter Couture shows provided, the collections bring slices of observations distilled into finery that will play a role in inspiring other collections. This is more to do with who wears it compared to before when couture set the...

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Crisis Occasion Dressing

J ust as the Resort collections wind down, the 2015 Fall Winter Couture shows arrive to refresh us with the possibility of glimmers of unbridled inspiration that unlimited budgets can provide. Sometimes, as this blog has before has shown, the inspiration can come from the top down...

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Fashion's Habanera

B ack in January this blog correctly hinted at Cuba being a fashion influence. It wasn't hard to see; major international events such as the re-normalizing or relations between two countries is the global equivalent of a reconciling couple with a passionate past. Given the plethor...

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