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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts June 2015

Priced To Shill

W e can finally relax as the 2016 Resort collections are rolled out and everyone hightails it to their actual resorts, a respite before the preparations for the impending 2016 Spring/Summer collections that are mere months away. For the designers, it's always too soon. For the public and it...

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Get It Together

W hile the 2016 Resort collections continue, certain collections transcend the predominant 70s explosion that has again returned to the catwalks. In those that do venture forward, there are explorations of various details worth noting. The very early 90s showed a loose connectivity as our w...

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T he 2016 Resort collections offer some new experimentation that this blog has been relaying to you. Much of it has to do with our growing apart form the retro inspiration that many designers are still adhering to. This is not thier fault. Rather, they are merely reacting to our connections...

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Fashion Transmutation

I f you have been reading the blog, you will know that the 2016 Resort collections have provided a new hint of the future of our fashion direction after years of retro indulgence. This new shift is slowly revealing itself in the same way that the sporty streamlined Gibso...

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