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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2015

Recombining The Known

A s the 2016 Resort collections continue to roll out, another pattern reveals itself. Each added aspect reflects our mindset as interpreted by the clever artistic foresight of the successful designer who know to tap into the current populace and pick up where to lead us forward. A...

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T he prominent focus is the examination of the details in looking for clues on the future. That is, that focus has been the tradition of trend sites and fashion publications looking to secure your faith in being prepared for better choices to remain fashion forward. The problem we have...

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Environmental Alchemy

O ne of the underlying themes that 2016 Resort collections have revealed early is a theme that fashion has been embracing for some time: architecture. Of course our environment has been a consistent source of inspiration, especially as fashion likes to coordinate with their surrounding...

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Our New Complications

T he 2016 Resort collections have commenced, with a few of the heavy hitters leading the way. The ever cautious familiarity that fashion embraces is balanced with the high tech execution of material expression balanced with a venture that 80s experimentation allowed. That spirit is essential as ...

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A s we approach the last half of this decade, we inch closer to our new identity, not only for the century but for the millennium. A new crop of creatives will take the torch passed by previous geniuses of talent and present to us their vision. Theirs will be one of hearsay and disconnect; ...

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