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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts March 2015

Throwing it Together

W e seek a new voice and yet we find it hard to let go to do so. The Fall Winter 2015 collections reflect this sentiment overall, no matter how one tries to compartmentalize it. It does this by showing collections that throw together prints, layers, combinations, mostly in a slouchy yet artf...

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T his blog has long upheld the notion of fashion being the barometer of our collective social expression woven with our personal expressions. That is, what you wear reflects not just who you are but connects with where we as a society are. While some may feel otherwise, our previo...

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Feel The Future

A s the Fall Winter 2015 shows wind down, we face the same retro exploration that keeps us rooted in familiarity while textile experimentation holds our hand to nudge us into the future.    Some of the more experimental designers, more European based, give some subtle architec...

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H ere we have the Fall Winter 2015 collections continuing amidst my hiatus, and we see a continued embrace of nostalgia remixed as we explore options to bring fashion forward.Some designers lean towards a mesh of 70s and 20s/30s, while others bring the 80s with a couture appreciation of the 50s, ...

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Put It Together

W e live in a technical evolution, a pixilated wonderland if you will, where we act as a collective to support our individuality. We crowdsource our efforts and resources, piecing together components from across the globe to make our vision complete. How our fashion looks to emulat...

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