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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts December 2015

We interrupt the normal flow of covering 2016 Pre-fall collections to (ironically) talk about the future. As the year draws to a close it is natural to muse over the past year as well as to ponder what is coming in the next. Everywhere one looks are "best of" lists as we rank what has ...

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Visual Clarity

The holidays are upon us as the 2016 Pre-fall collections continue to arrive online amidst the debate of what to present, how and to whom. The vehicle of dissemination that has unified the world has given birth to changes we must adapt to. It has presented shifts in the manner in ...

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Stages Of Healing

So close to Christmas. But commerce doesn't stop in our age for anything short of international tragedies, fashion included. The continued release of the 2016 Pre-fall collections are underway, and already Vogue Runway has made the acute observation that the early 2000s are creepi...

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Dressing For the Dustbowl

Now the 2016 Pre-fall collections are coming. Notably, some of the heavy hitters of fashion are bursting out of the gates. Some, like Chanel are providing extensive collections that reflect their reach while others are providing more modest sized collections. Fashion, money and size is a mo...

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