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Blog posts November 2015

Slouch Like Team Spirit

It is a slow trickle so far for what is being released for 2016 Pre-fall. That is, other design houses have yet to release their collections. Given the economic news and indicators, it may prove interesting to see who is choosing...or has the continue the volume of out...

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Sensei Says Relax

Now fashion drift towards pre-fall. This is the collection that, as spoken about in previous blog articles here at Fashion Observed, provides the bridge between what was released in the Spring Summer collections that showed staying power and the hints of what is to come as designers test the ret...

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En Garde

It is an unfortunate reality that world events become intertwined with the economic landscape we inhabit, defining as much about who we are as what we are capable of. There will be some who will look to capitalize on the backs of&nb...

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The Neverending War Story

Fashion holds within it many reflections of what influences our culture. As fashion is much about the visuals as it is about what is tactile, is it no surprise that some of these influences are literal, such as flora or architecture. In some instances we have cultural influences such as...

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Fork In the Fashion Road

The examination process of the Spring Summer 2016 collections from the more major locations are telling a tale of two mindsets. One which has been examined in great length at Fashion Observed is our continued involvement with everything that was. The attachment to the familiar is a great source ...

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