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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts August 2014

Anticipatory Assessment

The next cycle of fashion collections are soon upon us. As we amble through our day, designers furiously work on finishing touches of their collections while they confirm presentation venues and themes that support them. Editors plan their grueling schedule and determine who on their teams cover...

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Underestimated Novelty

While we are weeks away from the Spring Summer 2015 shows, we are already anticipating the new looks that will carry forth from where the 2015 Resort collections hinted. And while the retro stories are almost a guarantee in the equation, there are more technical nuances that cannot be and are no...

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Heil Kitty

Those who have been looking at the collections the past few seasons, including more recently, have seen the various retro influences incorporated, albeit with modern twists such as streamlined cuts and technical advances in textiles. Yet the sport (of sorts) of identifying decade residue in vari...

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Diversity of Influences

Fashion can not only reveal the aesthetic influences on our minds, but can also indicate influences that crossover from sociological origins. Observations on the workings of our world can create a tip-off to designers who connect events with fashions that came before. Knowing the public has simi...

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