Fashion Observed

Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts July 2014

As humans, we rarely evolve in a steady linear fashion. Instead we swing from one extreme to another as the perpetual motion carries us towards the grander course of cultural evolution. Sometimes, this swing is towards a more modest, conservative direction as we grow more self-consci...

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Elephants And The Blind

TThere is so much fashion to look at during a time when the distractions of summer compete, and a lot to ponder when looking at the collections. This blog has covered items that have recurred largely because the prominent and influential issues have remained with us. Fashion does move us towards...

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The Fall/Winter 2014 Couture Collections have come out this week, riding the crest of a wave of fashion saturation that started with 2015 Resort and Spring Summer 2015 Menswear filling schedules and calendars of every industry professional. As usual there is a lot to be learned about...

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Those who have been watching what happens in fashion have seen a more-than-usual association with art these past few seasons. Fashion has its creative aspect hand-in-hand with art because the creative aspects come from similar approaches. The artist takes inspiration from their environment ...

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