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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts June 2014

Room To Breathe

It's Canada Day soon, the US has the 4th of July, and this is the perfect time to take a much-needed breather; regular programming returns next week. In the mean time, since the 2015 Resort collections continue the retro obsesson (how many incarnations of the 70s/90s do we need to relive?),...

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It’s funny that, a few weeks ago, this blog explored curves only to come around now to the dichotomy of this season’s fashion expression found in the contradictions. As one looks at the 2015 Resort collections, one notices the continuation of some of our longer-standing aspects ...

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Knee-Jerk Normalcy

T he 2015 Resort collections are coming to a close. This blog of course will continue to dissect the details in coming articles as trends are examined for your benefit of understanding the depth of idea execution. One of the main take-aways for the collections is the proliferation of normalcy. ...

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Curve Appeal

The floodgates are open as a multitude of collections for the Resort 2015 season unfolds. As they do, the aspects of trend expressions reveal themselves. Observations find the patterns and clusters of similarities that comprise the consensus of influence, which this blog centres on discussing ...

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The cycles of history have new facets and aspects that separate it from prior periods but the similarities we encounter reflect our habitual patterns. These behavioural similarities allow us an opportunity to have predictive expectations, something that titillates anyone who is fond of looking...

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