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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2014

Subtlety In Normalcy

When the design community hops on a general trend direction, you have a more confirmed assurance of a global mindset. Collective ostentation can show an understanding of available capital and healthy economic expectations or a last grasp for invigorating the public. But when clothes become mor...

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As said in articles before, we are in this place between the old and the new. Our designs embody mindsets of the 20th century because that is where most herald from. By “most” this means most of the public with purchasing power and most of the creative talent that is generating ide...

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Our Corrosion

The resort collections are upon us for the mid-decade of the teens. The streamlined modernity is revealed as the new norm, with its clean hard cuts reminding of the masculine edge we embrace as the new culturally accepted undertone. It reflects our defensive stance and what we value in society...

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Years ago, when unemployment was reaching tenuous states and houses were being foreclosed, attention was being paid to various inequities that had slowly encroached on the safety of the middle class. Discrimination against those who were unemployed and past a certain age range, proliferation of u...

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