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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts March 2014

Dressing For A-Tension

Fashion gets its direction from a few places. Some of it comes from trending organizations that invest great resources in interpreting current events and circumstances, comparing these with previous sociological and psychological patterns, and translating these into elements that are compiled i...

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Hard To Let Go

Our creativity goes through fits and starts, fuelled by our drive for new stimuli and growth while being tempered by our need for security and familiarity. When too much newness happens, it can leave us overstimulated. However, when there isn't enough, we eventually burst with a driving need for ...

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Serf Turf

Economy matters to fashion. It has to because it’s a business, and a good business person pays attention to economic factors to thrive. Such details are important for strategy as they need to know whether they are able to compete and succeed with regards to their demographic. But this als...

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Fashion serves many purposes beyond covering us to shield us from the elements. It demonstrates our values and advertises our preferences. It lets the world know who we are through subtle psychological aspects and obvious bold statements. It is our affinity or rejection of our culture versus our...

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Advantage Of Living It

Devoid of the personal experience one would have by living thorough modern history, we only have whatever is available to give us an idea of how those lived before our arrival. Of course we have more information at our disposal as our technology allowed a more thorough reach, and we have archived...

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