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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts January 2014

Couture Kicks To The Future

While 2014 Pre-fall was still trickling out, the 2014 Spring/Summer Couture collections were released. These shows are where the most luxurious of materials and highest quality workmanship by hand merge with unbridled creativity that is encouraged. For any aspiring designer, reaching this level i...

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Just as there are many influences in our cultural environments, there are many of these reflected in the collections that come out each season. Designers and their teams collaborate to take that cumulative examination of key points of inspiration and translate it into anticipation of a vision tha...

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We are nearing the midpoint of the decade, and as we do our inevitable future is closing in. This is in reference to how our 21st century is going to appear, and how we are setting the tone for our cultural participation in it. The hype surrounding the CES show and fervour over wearable tech that...

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A new year ushers in supposition on what it will hold, and fashion is not immune to such thoughtful speculation. In fact, the constant search for what’s next is what drives it forward. If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it will be bigger than before. The energy of the marriage of...

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