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Blog posts September 2013

Angels In The Architecture

Fashion is on the last legs of the marathon with much of Paris having shown their collections this week. Of course we have next week as well before everything draws to a close until the end of the year when the flurry of fashion starts over again. But the volume to date and the caliber of the one...

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Defining Boundaries

Already fashion is sailing though Milan after London had fashion’s attention. Of course that burst of creativity came on the heels of fashion overload that New York brought en masse. Unlike New York, the calendars of London and Milan aren’t as supersaturated and allows for calmer and ...

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The flurry of New York’s collections with over three hundred reported showing and barely more than half were deemed relevant by larger publications such as or the New York Times. If you hear any complaints of fashion overload it is completely understandable. To sift through the de...

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Our Hardness

A week has flown by at a breakneck pace as the collections fly out of New York. Already patterns are emerging to spell out the point of view that will encapsulate New York fashion and of course not all of it will be a surprise. As stated in earlier articles (far too many to list here but the o...

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It has been mentioned time and again in this blog that fashion is, above all, a business. It would not exist without creativity and gets a lot of its inspiration from art and culture. That we now have the world at our fingertips means an unlimited amount of material in which to draw inspirat...

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