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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts August 2013

Fashion Weeks are almost here. The sample of what is to come came from Copenhagen, where colour seemed to reign as the top note of the creative story that is to unfold. What remains to be presented is a mystery to all except those who work in the industry. Those who work for trending companies ...

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The Big Four fashion weeks are soon upon us to show what 2014 will hold for us. For many, these are the only ones to pay attention to as these hold the crème of fashion. These weeks from these key fashion centers feature international fashion heavyweights that are more likely to hold influ...

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Generational Considerations

Some people think that fashion is merely about making clothes, with the designer arbitrarily pulling up ideas and throwing them together into a collection to sell to the public. How wrong those people are! Rather, there is a lot of thought and consideration not only into the execution of concepts...

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In every development, fashion bends with the whims of the public. When women exercised their rights for freedom, such as in the 20s,60s and 70s, fashion made sure to accommodate in cut and design. We owe our modern selections to the trailblazers of each decade, for they made fashion what it is to...

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