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Blog posts June 2013


The collections continue to come in from Resort 2014 and the verdict is overwhelmingly retro. As mentioned before, you had multiple decades represented, be it the 90s (Zimmerman, Yeohlee, Willow, Viktor & Rolf (giant zippers), Vera Wang, Valentino, Tucker, Ter et Bantine, Suno, Rochas, Rebecc...

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Gone Fishing

I hope you can appreciate that vacations are meant to be spent relaxing. The health benefits to prevent burnout are too important to ignore. Believe me, you are not abandoned, especially as the audience has grown exponentially (and it has). With that, please check back next week. Of course someth...

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Take Me Away...

Being on vacation while reviewing more incoming resort collections, one would imagine the irony of compromising the opportunity to relax to examine items designed for people that are taking time to do just that. I hope the effort is appreciated, especially when the volume of items to review this ...

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Now the deluge comes as images of Resort 2014 collections arrive at the editorial rooms of the many fashion publications and blogging sites that rely on these collections for their livelihood.  As the volume increases like a flash flood, one hopes for glimmers of innovation amidst the carefu...

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No Surprises

With the news in the media and nervousness concerning the longevity of any economic advances, it makes sense to see fashion being extra cautious as the 2014 Resort collections continue to come out. The utilitarian aspect of the 90s with the accents on sport lent a practicality that fit. A more se...

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