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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts April 2013

Now You See It…

Part of our technological networks that we have established is the capacity to not only be hyper-informed, but to allow ourselves the privilege of supporting real-time flows of information that could bring to light information we may have previously been exempt from. Sites such as WikiLeaks have ...

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Fashion Distraction

There is no shortage of news in our world today and depending on what one tunes into versus what one tunes out can vary from person to person. Some things are impossible to look away from, their morbidity strangely alluring the way one can’t look away from an accident or is compelled to wit...

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Initially the article’s subject was to be about the state of technology in our lives and how its presence has magnified immensely compared to the previous decade. However, technology has always been a factor of our evolution. Each year we marvel at the newest innovation or concept and how i...

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As covered in prior articles, the resurgence of deconstructive elements in collections signals an awareness of our fallibility and fears of impending societal collapse. The almost literal disintegration has been heartily interpreted in many collections, particularly from those in Europe where eve...

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