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Blog posts February 2013

The collections of London are now done, and most of Milan’s has been shown at the time of writing. There was a lot more variety of elements to examine from the collections in Europe once you stripped away the more obvious mainstream components that have become the requisite references to qu...

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Watching The Youth For Cues

The Fall Winter 2013 collections focus has hopped the Atlantic and now are focused on London. Here there is anticipation of excitement and energy. The world has had its eyes on this location and this has allowed their platform to shine. While New York has become so much about the business that it...

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No sooner have 2013 Pre-fall and 2013 Spring Summer Couture collections come out than to find us in now in the midst of the 2013 Fall/Winter collections.  Let’s get to the brass tacks: it’s the creative hybrid that our culture continues to provide as designers throw around what t...

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Awaiting A Growth Spurt

Money can do some strange things to people. Too much and the connection to practicality can fly out the window. Too little and caution can overtake the creative spirit, and such is the case when it comes to design implementation in the world of fashion. Before fashion was more democratized, th...

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