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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts November 2013

Flaunt It

Economically, there is a duality that is hard to ignore. Parallels between the 20th century teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and 80s are being explored in various levels as fashion, the most outward cultural expression, has exemplified this in the diverse range of designs available. These divides in cla...

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Expression Dimensions

The sophistication of the populace is reflected in the technology that is being engineered.  If that is so, then we are fast gaining a level of technical erudition that would have once been limited to the confines of science fiction. Yet these changes are a fact of our world today that canno...

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Relative Composure

The news is plentiful in our world these days. We have more than enough information to satisfy any perspective if one is willing to do the legwork and collect enough information for evidence in our point of view. Some of the information is quite clear-cut despite contrasting perspectives, such as...

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Bits And Pieces

We are in process of remaking our future. That is to say, we are remaking the vision of what that future is supposed to be, at least from a material standpoint. For the bulk of the century that preceded this one, the future has oscillated between one of gloss and shine and dystopian disaster,...

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