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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts October 2013

Glory Days

For the 20th century, there were key points in modern history when fashion had raw strength in defining a period. It is those moments when fashion represented the mood of the public with utter clarity, giving distinct looks that helped shape its timeline presence. One can go on and on covering wh...

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Part of observing fashion this closely is to see which trends have a shelf life. Some, such as the move towards comfort have found themselves to be more mainstay, especially as the economy continues to play with nervous heartstrings. It makes perfect sense to produce something that has a perpetua...

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But Is It Art?

The Spring Summer 2014 collections are over and those in the industry can breathe for the moment as the marathon month amidst a crush of talent has come to pass within the Big Four. The pent up creativity that squelched expression in leaner times could only be contained for so long. Now that...

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It Has To Change

There is time to discuss the conclusion of fashion weeks and the culmination of what was shown in Paris next week. For now, though, there are observations worth exploring that go beyond hemlines and colour palettes that came up form various interesting conversations and observations within the in...

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