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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts July 2012


There is a game of sorts when observing fashion, and that is to figure out what is a flash that comes and goes like a shooting star and what seems to simmer in the way a supernova slowly reveals itself across the cosmos, spreading new ideas to guide the others whose voice is more of the collectiv...

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Connect The Dots

Fashion is large enough to accommodate the multitude of influences that our world provides. The significant influences tend to be those that resonate with the dominating consensus of feeling that the public is experiencing at any given time. Obvious ones such as economics, the environment, and s...

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Recycling Wealth

Recently a question was posed on the Mudpie Fashion Trends & Culture Group on LinkedIn: is our view of repurposed materials, once deemed unworthy of the status with something as exclusive as couture, changing? This is a good question indeed. Looking at couture collections, working with fres...

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Couture L’amour

How can one who likes fashion not appreciate couture? The exemplary materials and intricate construction really do justify the exorbitant prices that one pays for pieces of clothes that becomes art in itself. Plus the week is just that: a week of fashion. That designers are creatively able to ...

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The Little Girl Inside

A lot of Resort 2013 came and went with so many designers showing that it overlapped couture week, something that is happening as you read. The volume of offerings, an evolution of marketing and brand development, is a relatively new aspect of fashion’s evolution as our technology speeds re...

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