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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts June 2012

Art (Not So) Nouveau

We are creatures of habit. We bow to time and its markers, sometimes without even noticing it. Even when we say we aren’t paying attention to things like anniversaries, we do because we are slaves to our marking and measure of time. We need that kind structure in our lives; the obedience of...

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If you had taken my advice last week, you would have had a chance to read through past articles to see that a lot of the territory we have covered before applies to now as far as what is happening in fashion. The evolution has been predictably slowed to a practical crawl much as did in the 90s w...

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Best Of?

Not too long ago, criticism of fashion came out that everything seems to be stuck, like we can’t get past the 90s. Some said that the 80s never left just that the silhouette got narrower. It’s hard to argue with that kind of argument when one has lived through those decades and saw fi...

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Run Louis Run

While the slow trickle of Resort 2013 emphasizes the pragmatic approach designers are making in a tenuous marketplace, the one collection offering something different deserves a closer look: that of the house of Chanel. It’s not so much that it is apart from the plethora of lean lines, colo...

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