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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2012

Resort collections for 2013 are coming out and so far the story for many is the same as before: 90s lean silhouette, blocking of pattern, cacophony of print when print is utilized, and pastels and solids done in 90s simplicity. If the few collections released are any indication, movement has g...

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We are a fractured populace. For all the integration that a global market promises and for all the integration we have enjoyed with the incorporation of the internet, we have actually found our differences amidst our commonality. Perhaps it is more reaffirming; those who have travelled long knew ...

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Talk about being distracted!  As I mentioned in the article “It Came From Over There” we are witnessing applications of technology in pragmatic ways that are far fom innocuous. Not only are these indicative of where our focus lies but their commercial success is telling us tha...

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There were many things to look at in the collections and most of the major influences have been covered (some even before their incarnation on the runways) so you’d think there would be less to say. However, fashion is an evolutionary process and sometimes a trend buried amidst the others ...

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