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Blog posts December 2012

See You Next Year

To my dear readers, I want to sincerely thank you for reading my blog. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your reading my thoughts, interpretations and point of view.  As I muse over the events of the past year, I hope you take time to reflect on the same. We should...

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What A Year!

Without question this has been a most eventful year worthy of conversation if not anticipated influence. We have a probe on Mars, our technology is getting even smaller and more powerful, and we are facing a monumental shift in manufacturing that will forever impact our economies and the democ...

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Softening The Architecture

2013 Pre-fall offers a dual glimpse of what designers see as more likely items that will sell blended with a few samples of where their fall/winter collections may venture to next. For many, the 90s story seems to be the more likely direction but for some the exploration into modern design seems ...

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Feeling Safe

Pre-fall has been an established expectation within the fashion calendars. Part of this is to fill the retail void so customers continue to receive items more relevant to their daily lives. But another part of this is to introduce new fashion directions. Unlike the standard Spring/Summer or Fall/...

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As you are reading this, the 2013 Pre-Fall collections are underway to be revealed over the next several weeks. Until they are revealed, one can only go on speculation based on past observations, many which have been made in prior articles. What is essential to note is that the majority of crea...

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