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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts November 2012

From Honest Abe To Mad Max

As we speak, 3D printing is set to move towards a more industrial scale. Already a Dutch company names Shapeways has set up a large-scale facility in Queens in New York City, ready to being production in the New Year. Without a doubt, more will pop up globally. The impact of additive manufacturin...

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While President Obama learned he was to be re-elected, the First Lady made a bold move: to re-wear a dress. For the general public this may not seem so significant, but for those in fashion this is a huge statement, and it’s important to understand just how important this seemingly innocuou...

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Commentary outside of this blog that I encouraged suggested that it was hard to see where the connections lie between current events and, say, the colour of your soon to be favorite t-shirt. However, although connections may not seem apparent, they have been and will continue to be inte...

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Events in our culture eventually find expression in our arts and, in turn, our more commercial expressions of art such as fashion.  However, not everything finds a direct path. There will be no trivializing of the events happening in USA’s Eastern seaboard, for the tragedy experie...

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