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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts October 2012

Dawn Of The Dread

The creative process fuels fashion design, and every innovation and element of expression comes from a spark of expression. The power and intensity of that spark is what separates the stylist or marketing expert versus the genius that owns the seasons as they blaze forth with ideas that move forw...

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Looking at the multitude of media stories available, it’s apparent that the fascination with the current generation a.k.a. the Millennials is intense. From their consumption habits to their attitudes to their impact in the workforce, every move they make is examined with a level of scrutiny...

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Make it Yours

A few articles ago, I quoted some rather acerbic comments that conveyed disappointment amongst some fashion journalists who felt that collections as of recent lacked innovation. It’s hard not to side with them as fashion, for the most part, seems to be playing a rather safe bet. If the silh...

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Cross Culture

The internationalization of our economies along with the immediacy of access to information on, well, every part of the world and what it has to offer has made us a very fortunate species, especially when looking at what information we have historically. Not only does this availability of know...

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