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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts September 2011

Closer to the Front

Geography is integral to the trend process, as mentioned in a previous article. As international as fashion is, and as common as the general trend threads are, there are subtle unifying threads within each area where collections are shown. The nuances felt in Milan will be different in Paris and...

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Emotionally, especially after the severe austerity of the Depression and the realities of loss despite distraction and unified cohesion brought about by World War II, the public was justifiably worn and beleaguered. The war did help to reverse the economic problems as jobs were created through t...

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Something for Everyone

It starts as a trickle. Then, a torrent of collections steamrolls out en mass up for circumspection for the public to ogle, for editors to study and assess, for buyers to sift through, and for writers to examine. Some blogs prefer to dictate preferences according to the tastes of the writer as t...

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Dollars and Fashion Sense

We place a lot of expectations on fashion. On one hand we want to be swept away by fantasy, creativity and expression of the designer’s vision, taken to a new place where we can feel more than what is. On the other hand, we expect to have bang for our dollar. After all, we replenish our wa...

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Canary in the Culture Mine

When a fashion trend appears it has a chance to catch our attention. Sometimes the public harmonizes with the declaration and follows along while at other times it gives it a passing nod as it seeks something more in line with public sentiment. In particular, we see these occurrences in our 20th...

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