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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts August 2011

If you look at each generation, there is a level of dissatisfaction and detachment which spurs sub-culture, especially when there is a rise in unemployment.  Groups proliferate, creating a sense of belonging in a world that increasingly is sending a message of exclusion amidst economic unce...

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When populations experience an embarrassing divide in the division of wealth and the lower economic portion reaches a point of suffering, the last thing they want to see is the higher economic portion not only doing well but living extravagantly. Increasingly in history, blind excess has always ...

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Information Age Overload

Our social networks are indeed a marvel of mankind’s ingenuity in an ability to confirm our status as a social animal. We have found a way to transcend distance into real-time exchange not only of ideas and sentiments, but to illustrate them as well. Not since the advent of the telegraph a...

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Woven Wonders

Innovation is the expression of mankind looking to improve aspects it favours. Triggered by existing events, the results improve upon what we have or, more often, find solutions to situations that we recognize need improvement. We saw this in the turn of the century with the advent of man-made...

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