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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts June 2011

Sporting Tradition

As indicated in prior articles, anticipated events, especially those on a large scale, can impact the design process and provide multitudes of inspirational perspectives. The inspiration can be of the event itself, the location it is in conjunction with and its relation to past references of eit...

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More Than You Know

Many people incorrectly assume that hemlines are the barometer of an economy when it’s actually a barometer of the opinion falsely based on the state of the economy. The origins of this assumption fall from research done by George Taylor in the 20s that showed a correlation between hemlines...

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At last the collections are pouring in for Resort 2012, and there is a veritable tug of war that is indicative of the complicated decisions that are imposed on a woman in daily life expressed in the mixed media the collections, i.e. the hardness versus the softness. And just as in the last major ...

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Pace Yourself

To continue consumer interest, fashion needs a chance to catch its breath in the course of its evolution.  If the trends move too slow it helps to a degree but can also be a liability.  On one hand it gets more of the public onboard to participate. On the other hand it can also create...

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