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Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts May 2011

Maybe it’s the price of gas. Maybe it’s the fear that, despite recent lower prices of cotton that demand in the face of limited supply could drive it and garments made from it higher. Maybe it’s the recent spate of bolder apocalyptic predictions. Or maybe it’s all of the ...

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Resorting to Art

As the 20th century became an age increasingly more accessible travel, clothes had to accommodate and thus the cruise collection was born. Although we now refer to it as “resort”, it’s original name is a hallmark from a time when one booked their winter cruise for warmer water...

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Fashion can sometimes be looked upon the way a couple dances, with one of the partners being fashion, the other being the public. And in that dance sometimes it is fashion that leads. It is fashion that takes the reigns and inspires the public to look a new way, to live life in a new c...

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A fashion student comes in with lofty aspirations and a willingness to slog through arduous efforts to be heard, to get their voice out, and to make their mark as they throw their passion into the wind, hoping above all to carve a legacy and join the ranks of cultural relevance and  (h...

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