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Blog posts April 2011

Fit for McQueen

To catch the entire wedding in our corner of the world required a sleep adjustment that was very much embraced by many on this side of the Atlantic, and fascination with the royal nuptials has been especially present in the television programming where even reality programming on subjects such a...

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  In the 1960s it was about psychedelia, not just in the music but also in the clothing. The youth, empowered by their surging numbers and purchase power, were a growing force to be reckoned with and culture bowed to their whims. So when culture got freer in their eyes, culture went along ...

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Lizzy in the Sky

With technology at the level it currently is, standard collections can incorporate the level or workmanship and precision that once was reserved for haute couture. Exemplary detail and ornamentation are increasingly more commonplace in a larger selection of design offerings to further entice the...

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The United Kingdom is going to be a busier place come 2012. For one, London is hosting the 2012 Summer Olympics. This isn’t the first time, as London played host to this world-class event in both 1908 and 1948. Just as the 90s saw Olympic spirit translate into fashion separates (such as G...

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It was estimated in 2009 by Time Magazine that there were over 1.6 billion Muslims, with the demographic of those who are younger fast expanding, having cash to spend and a code of conduct to uphold. Meanwhile, MpdClick pegs their potential as $2 trillion/year while expecting the Muslim populat...

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