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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts December 2011

Life Is A Banquet...

Did you really think I was going to write an article over Christmas or on New Year's Eve? In the time that I have left you to experience the holidays almost twenty more designers have released their pre-fall looks, many really being cautious as they winterize existing trends established in the S...

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Moving Forward

While it has its charms, fashion doesn’t always like to inhabit the past too long when it comes to deriving inspiration, especially if the inspiration reminds one of the current woes that one can read, see or hear about regardless of where one looks. So while the designers are cautious in...

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Somber Safety

Whereas fashion once had two primary seasons, pre-fall is increasingly seen as becoming equally important within the industry. Not only does it provide designers with a means to flex creative muscle while steering influence of trends for the actual Fall/Winter collections, but it also is a way...

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Simply Put

I don’t know whether I was in the majority or the minority as far as being on the fence regarding pre-fall. On one hand it provides excitement between the more formally established collection seasons as we get a peek of what is to come. On the other hand it is a more targeted collection an...

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