Fashion Observed

Trend observations with a sociological eye from afar...

by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts November 2011

Hide and Chic

One of the chief reasons for writing this blog stemmed from conversations I used to have with friends who were not as engrossed with the fashion industry. To some of them, it seemed like a superficial world that almost hedonistically celebrated materialism, trumping out goods with great regularit...

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Comfort the Wearer

What we choose and how we wear clothes is a bit of give and take with regards to our personal communication. We demonstrate to others various states of our self, be it our status, our mood, and our professionalism. We use clothes as a tool to secure respect, to command attention, to catch the eye...

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Second-Guessing the Future

Rich is the person who can perfectly anticipate the future in glorious detail, a feat that is not easy when looking at the creative restraints of our own environment. It is true that we have larger access to technology and information that any generation previously in history (or at least in reco...

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Give Me Strength…

  Everyone remembers the 80s for one detail in particular: shoulder pads.  It was the size, the exaggeration of the shoulder lending strength to the public looking to push their way in a competitive cutthroat environment that the economics of the times supported. The shoulder detai...

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