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by Darryl S. Warren  

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Blog posts October 2011

Frontier Living

Our complexity reflected in fashion, we have a multitude of trend aspects to examine as we see how they fit into our lifestyle. The more successful and publicized designers have proven to mix their craft, attention to fit and choice of materials along with a key ingredient that guarantees them ex...

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Those Who Paved the Way

With attention on the economy, it was a natural to see the 20s come into play as a prominent influence in the SS2012 collections. The similarities in economic circumstances surrounding both that era and the one we live in today are all too similar for designers to not ignore this trigger. But ...

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Fear. Our society thrives on it and loathes it simultaneously. Our industries exploit it as part of a sophisticated manipulation where our insecurities are the foundation of marketing tactics meant to attract customers and increase the bottom line. It is this exploitation of insecurity that co...

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I would assume that caffeine intake amongst editorial staff would be the main ingredient in a diet when globe hopping over the intense weeks that comprise the essential cities during what is termed “Fashion Week”. Not only are shows staggered on top of another, but also happen over t...

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